Christmas Banquet

  Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 

Your attendance is requested for an evening  

Of cuisine & festive merriment at

Cruisin' Classics Chester County, Pa.'s

 32th Annual Christmas Fest  

December 2rd, 2017 

At The Craft House 

320 Barley Sheaf   Rd  

Coatesville, Pa. 19335 

Festivitities begin : 6:00 PM.

  Mix & Mingle, cash bar-  

Buffet Dinner follows, including:  Full Salad Bar
   Baked Penni or Tortellini   
   Chef select Flounder or Salmon or Tilapia
   Chef select Sliced Pork or Beef   Chef Select 

 Vegetable and Starch
   Coffee and Tea  Dessert will be a cake  

Merriment will continue with the annual "game"

 (Bring a wrapped gift for our version of a Polly Anna) 



  • Presidents notes; PleasE read all of STUFF  Sometimes the news is spread, hid in strange places please read! 
  • Sorry Stuff is so late this month. I have a few things going on and for most of the month have been sick. 
  • A lot of things have happened since last month STUFF.
  •  Seems like it is all good news.  The car show season is winding down, hard to believe there are still shows coming up into November. That is really stretching the season.  
  • Upcoming club Events ;  
  • WE have been asked to provide rides to the Grand Marshals for the parade on Nov. 3rd. The VA contacted me and asked if we could provide rides for a dozen or so of the Veterans they have tapped as marshals. We will need a good representation to get everyone a seat that needs one. It is important, if you can come out please help us out. I have been promised we will towards the front. The order, subject to change for now is: the color guard, Coatesville band, grand marshals (us). The rest will follow. I have been told the vets REALLY enjoy riding in the classics. We will also be presenting the check from the September show at the review stand this year. 

  • We have our monthly meeting on Tuesday the 14th. Collection of checks for the Christmas party will be collected. We need a head count BY Nov. 17th. We all people tend to procrastinate, be nice if we got it all together at the meeting. We will be putting together a list for the Shady Maple breakfast and there will be election of officers. Show up or get elected to an office.

  •  On November 18th we will meet at Shady Maple at 8:45 to sit at 9:00. This is always a good time, everyone likes to eat! Please be ready to give me a headcount at the meeting. We need enough to qualify as a group and get the best seating.  

  •  We wrap up calendar year with our Christmas Banquet. Linda Cooke has done her usual great job and lined up this event. This is a good way to wrap up the year. A fun event, good food, good company. You do not need to play the game if you are not into it but we would love to have you come out. It does not matter if you have been active or not, you are part of the crew and we enjoy the company. Craft House is in their second year now and have gotten this down.  As mentioned before we need a head count by the 17th, not that far away. A good chance to break out that Christmas sweater guys and maybe give the ladies a chance to dress up if they please.  Hope to see you there. 
  •    Upcoming CLUB events : All events are tentative and subject to change  
  •  November 3rd- VA Parade at the VA Hospital in Coatesville- Present the check to the VA 
  • November 14 meeting, Club Elections- last regular meeting of the year.   December 2 Christmas Party at The Craft House   . 

  •          PRIORITY MESSAGE!!!
  •  The Christmas Bells are ringing again for the Cruisin' Classics of Chester County Car Club Christmas Dinner.  
  • We invite you to attend:     
  •     Dec. 2nd 2016, at the                                                      Craft House                                                      300 N. Bailey Road                                                      Thorndale, PA  
  •  6-7 pm Cash Bar/Happy Hour in the Tee Tavern
  •  7-9 pm Buffet food is available-build your own house salad, vegetable medley, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, flounder, beef au jus, rolls, coffee, tea and soda.  Dessert will be a cake from Bakers of Buffington. We have the facility till 10pm.   $17 per person is for dinner.  Combine dinner and your $15 membership and here is what you need to pay.   Individual $17+$15= $32, and a couple is $34+$15=$49. We need a total head count, and $ by Nov 17, 2016.  Please bring your money to the car club meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 7th.   If you are unable to attend, drop off or mail a check made out to Cruisin Classics of Chester County, addressed to Ray Cooke, 109 Lake Drive, Downingtown, PA in time for the Nov. 17th cut off.   Don’t forget to bring the gift for our game, and Kathy is taking donations for Toys for Tots.  Let’s fill up several big bags with toys for her and the kids. We always have great food, and a great time.  Come join us.         @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   NEXT CLUB Meeting is Nov. 14th at Alert Firehouse monthly Meeting Hope to see you there    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? JJJJJJJJJLJJJJJJJJJLJJJJJJJJJLJJJJJJJJJL If you have pictures from the Christmas party, Car Show, Wildwood, Ocean City, Md, VA parade, Turkey Hill, Reading Phillies, Hibachi night or any of activities this year please forward them to Mario and we can get them on the website and facebook page. Make sure you check the facebook page and website for the latest pictures ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Support our troops, police, fire departments they work so we have a better quality of life ... God bless them all.    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Birthdays-                                                                                                   Nov.  – Dec. Jan              Barb Buddenhagen          1/27 Linda Behrndt               1/30    Anniversaries      I know I have to missing someone! 6C Infirmary  Â· Nothing new!  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Shows and activities we normally support ( not club functions) I know I am missing some …. Nov 3rd  VA parade at Coatesville Medical Center Meet at 8:30 at the CVS on Reeceville Rd.   Nov. 4th Car show Denver, Pa. Trunk or Treat – Kathy & Al’s show. Meeting at Hoss’s to go up at 11:00???   Check our facebook page… Bill Chuplis has been keeping up on everything coming up and posting  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  Editor’s comment: This will be the last full size “Stuff” I will be doing. There will be a reminder sent out next month of activities but not a newsletter.  I was asked and took the newsletter over from Mario in 2009. Back then it was a two, three, page flyer called The Bowtie.  Ray put out a couple of newsletters and then I picked up again a couple of years ago.  It may not seem like it but putting out a monthly newsletter does take time. Putting out a monthly newsletter, not a quarterly that is not filled with fluff or skimmed articles is a slow process. I have been told many times how much better other clubs do letters but those people do not know it is this size for reason- too big and it does not email well, especially if you have pictures.   Inputs have been next to impossible to get and responses nil. It is time for me and “Stuff” to move on.    GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Only $15 a year for dues!!! Check around we are the bargain car club in southeast Pa.! You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out our dues are really VERY reasonable, plus if you go the Christmas party you go for half price. Pay your 2018/Christmas Party dues now.  One check and pay for the party and your dues, smart thinking.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Rumors, Gossip & News  Some repeat news and some new: · Al & Kathy gathered goods to take to Texas. The victims of Harvey needed all the help they could get. There is more information on the facebook page.  Â· After years of service and years being our number one supporter AMI is closing their doors. We wish them the best of luck and many thanks for their support. · - Jack & Suz are moving November 14th. They have bought a place in Northeast , Md.  Best of luck with the new house- we will miss you guys.  Â· It seems Bruce and Joyce have a bid on a new house. I believe a November move is in the works  Â· George Wilson’s email is not connected but would appreciate hearing from us. You can drop George a line, a card- George’s address;      631 Penn Sylvan Dr   Mohnton    19540                                Â· Bill Chuplis is doing the website now. I have been told it will updated very soon. Hope he can do more with it than I could. Any pictures, news, forward them to Bill for the website. · Check our face book page The Cruisin’ Classics Chester County for updates on local shows and happenings. Bill has been doing a top notch job of posting all the latest show and events in the area.  Â· !!!!WE NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP WITH THE WEB PAGE…!!!! · Linda Bendrt ‘s daughter & family moved into their new home. Ask Linda about their new place.  Â· Mark Shane has been compiling trophies this summer.  Â· Thank goodness for the Fun Zone Cruise Nights – some of us got trophy recognition.   Â· We now have a library? See below after the For Sale section. Maybe make this an ongoing service. We have a lot of readers but little response so far. · Linda’s place looks so different from the outside… she took down a half dozen trees. It looks great! · Please forward any news, suggestions, input to the “editor” for the next edition…???? · Check our The Cruisin Classics Chester County facebook for updates and picture. Plus Sue Capriotti Stanley keeps us informed on all the latest shows, weekend by weekend.  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Support the Troops Car Show: In case you were one of the very few that was not there the Support the Troops Car Show was a success. We had a tremendous turn out! AT one point we had to turn a couple of people away, our lot was filled. For a good idea check out the pictures Pat Purnell took on our face book Page. A lot of people kicked in the day of the show, nice to see so many of US out.  The weather, all the pre-show work, advertising and good reputation for shows paid off. We had a lot of help from Caln Village Shopping Center and their management on many levels. Without their help we would be just another show. I like to think for the size of our venue, club base, we put on a top-notch show. Much of our participants are return people just enjoy the quality of the show that is put together.  This is a copy of a letter sent to Charlie Ambrose on 9/26 from Bruce Cobb: Charlie,    Quick update:  Car Show had beautiful weather, and as a result, record attendance.  The car registrations to compete at the show rose to a record 134! We estimate over 268 car show competitors and 400++ visitors who attended to see the cars.  We were turning away cars repeatedly because we were at capacity. Check out web page and Facebook page for pictures. Tom and the Crusin Classics car club team did a fantastic job running the show, our best show since we began in 2010. The vendors present did well. Several restaurants had tables and had good results. There was no impact from the Coatesville Auto Race scheduled the same day. We will be presenting the money raised for the Coatesville VA at their event in late Oct or Nov. I would guess without totals yet from this event, that we are over $10,500 since 2010 to the VA. Money to a great cause and huge marketing for the Caln Village Center. Tom and I are discussing a possible small event around black show in the corner of the lot near sign. If we can pull it together, we will give you a heads up.   All good!!     Bruce Bruce Cobb UPS Store 3093 610-518-5010   Â Now let’s pray for dry weather for a spring show.  
  • For Sale: 1957 Chevy Bel Air Station Wagon – Coral & White, V8 – very nice car, most of you know it. Bob Atwater is selling his 57.  $45,000 obo Frank Delphais has some tri Five Chevy parts for sale. Call him and check what he has for sale.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Free:  I know there are a lot of readers in our club. I put together a list of books I have read that are available. If you have some books this possibly is a service we can share with others in the club and our friends.  Check last month’s Stuff and contact me if you have any interest or have something to add to the “library”.  Â Thanks, ###################################################### Please Support our supporters and sponsors: The supporters we have are great. The supporters list is much too short. Maybe you can help and find interested parties. Get the word out we are a worthwhile organization.    ACME- Caln Village store- contributor, coordinator for our shows since 2009.  Caln Pizza and Pasta- Caln Village, Najab and crew have helped our shows now since 2009 Clockworks – Chuck Walkers clock repair business has been is a  paying supporter of 6C( Cruisin’ Classics Chester County Car Club) UPS – Bruce Cobb’s store in Caln Village – Bruce and Charlie Yentis do an amazing amount of behind the scenes work to make our shows a success.  Charlie Ambrose – the head man for the center without much of what we do could not happen  Rob’s Rods- Good people, Rob & Erin and crew do work on a lot of our cars and club members receive a discount.  



Stuff is our monthly newsletter, Keeping us up to date on the upcoming and recent events. 

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More to a club than shows and raising money . We are a social club that likes to do things. 

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