Welcome to
The Cruisin' Classics
of Chester County, PA

Dedicated to the Preservation, Restoration and Enjoyment of Motor Vehicles while Serving the Community since 1985

About Us

Who we are

You  may have seen us at car shows in our burgundy and white. We've been around for 33 years. We are a casual group  that has a monthly meeeting and  usually an other activity each month. We sponsor two car shows  a year. They support our local charities and provides our operating flow.  Work with the community and enjoy just getting together. 

Why would you be interested

Our monthly activities can be anything, a breakfast, dinner and dessert, picnic , sports event, or a day trip, We take at least two weekend trips a year. All this over and above supporting local car shows. We cap things off with a banquet at the end of the year.

No Pressure

You can not always say we're cheap and easy and mean it a good way . We are a social club that chips in and helps the community  but are not tied in to show after show. Dues are low and sponsorship easy. If you want a laid back group that does things you may want to check us out.